Taking the Gospel to Colleges in New Jersey!




Campus Home Missions and Campus Crusade for Christ


"By all possible means,
let us advance Gods' kingdom making Christ fully known on every campus,
influencing the state and ultimately the world."


                                               THE VISION

Campus Home Missions
is a campus outreach and apologetic ministry founded by Rev. Timothy Van Duyne, an ordained minister and theologian. The ministry was designed for seminary trained men to bring the gospel to the college campus and to shed the light of Jesus Christ to the entire college community. In 1990, Tim began his campus ministry career becoming the campus pastor at Ramapo College of New Jersey. During his tenure he has worked with groups like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, the Navigators and other interdenominational campus groups. While working the campus, Tim noticed that there was no spiritual leadership, everything was student led, hence Campus Home Missions was born, providing teaching, doctrinal stability and leadership.   



The crisis rate among college students is at an all time high. Pregnancies, sexual abuse, incest and violence are plaguing today's world and are at alarmingly high rates among New Jersey college students. There is a great need on these campuses; students are in great need of help and a shepherd to help and care for them.



If there is one segment of Christian Missions that is bankrupt, it is the campus ministry. The college campus has been virtually abandoned. Today, with the onslaught of liberalism, New Jersey colleges have become secular and godless. Since our colleges have been abandoned, liberalism is left to answer the questions of the college student. Young men and women, tired of a society with no absolutes, want to identify with ideologies that offer an answer to their problems. Radical political groups, gay/lesbian groups, the occult, Eastern religions, feminist groups, and Islam are loudly proclaiming that they have the answer. Many students are falling prey to these false ideas and becoming victims of erroneous teachings.

                                                         CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST

In 2002, Pastor Tim was invited to come on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, combining his already existing ministry (Campus Home Missions) with Campus Crusade. The ministries fit together perfectly, providing ample opportunities to share the Gospel. Tim saw the need of using a large international organization like Campus Crusade to assist him with the resources needed to effectively evangelize a college campus. For more information on the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, please visit them online at:              




185 Davis Avenue, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Pastor Tim Van Duyne - 973-903-2714   

Campus Home Missions is a Non Profit Organization